Performance management is a process that helps businesses determine common goals, KPIs, ensure efficient employee empowerment while establishing a shared plan of actions at different organizational levels.

ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL! The structure of the programme is determined by the goals and values of your company. Efficient businesses usually find themselves in between the three dichotomies of values:

  • Internal focus – External focus
  • Flexibility – Control
  • Process – Outcome

Management of these dichotomies largely affects results of an organization and determines a framework for performance management. (Tim Baker)

While evaluating their employees’ performance efficiency, our clients usually face these questions:

  • Are employee efficiency and performance under control?
  • Is implementing a performance management strategy not too complicated and at all necessary?
  • Which performance management scheme suits our company the best?
  • How to benefit from performance management discourses?
  • How is employee performance managed in agile organizations?
  • Is the organizational and leadership structure optimal?
  • Is there a clear division of responsibilities?
  • Does the organization have clear goals and performance measures? Is every employee aware of them?
  • Are employee efforts aligned with organizational objectives?

People LAB provides the following performance management services:

  • Performance management assessment;
  • Organizational framework design;
  • Job description creation;
  • Performance management strategy development;
  • Incorporation of performance management strategy with development and total reward management systems;
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Employee engagement analysis and management;
  • Employee engagement and loyalty assessment (eNPS).


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