Regardless of their size or industry, organizations usually face various development-related challenges at different stages of growth. For instance, changing organizational framework in order to achieve better results, higher return on investment, leadership in the market. Changes in organizational framework usually lead to negative effects on employees, thus decreasing their engagement, meanwhile the success of transformation might be doomed.

At the different stages of maturity organizations face concerns, such as:

  • How to maintain a client-focused approach, remain competitive, create a safe and empowering environment when change is taking place?
  • Are organizational values really necessary?
  • How can the shareholders achieve aligned employee engagement and results?
  • How to reduce illnesses and absences?
  • Can I trust my employees and let them make decisions?
  • How to employ the reputation of the company in order to win over the best talent?
  • How to train professionals to become good managers?
  • How to teach when everything is already taught, yet there is a lack of competence?

People LAB consultants help organizations transform and control changes in business activity, whilst applying established and innovative methods. Consultants who have gained their experience in different industries enable organizations to accurately and consistently manage change whilst ensuring positive business results.

People LAB provides these services:

  • Human resources management diagnostics;
  • HR strategy development;
  • Change management during mergers and acquisitions;
  • Management of distinct stages of development: business model, growth, contraction, market exit;
  • Talent management and organizational development;
  • Development of employer’s brand and reputation;
  • Key employee succession;
  • Key competence succession;
  • Facilitation of a value framework;
  • Development and adaptation of educational models.


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