• The pace of employee development cannot keep up with the pace of growth?
  • Bigger team – more people problems?
  • The team is growing, and you might wish to hire a People professional but hiring a full-time manager, for as much as EUR 20 000 – 30 000 a year, does not sound reasonable?
  • The CEO is focused on business growth and sales, and has no time left to review the HR processes?
  • The admin team does not have the necessary skills or experience to design a variable pay programme for the sales professionals or develop a favorable employee brand strategy?

YOU NEED AN EXTERNAL HR MANAGER. The service is ideal for organizations, facing a temporary absence of the HR manager (e.g., during paternity leave, enrollment in higher education, or a career break), short-run demand for competencies, executing a large-scale project or undergoing expansion, as well as businesses that don’t really need an HR manager as their job is being performed by the CEO, head of finance or legal affairs.

External HR manager does not need a laptop, work phone, health insurance, bonuses, entertainment, or severance if the project has been completed or the needs have changed. Upon mandating an external HR manager, you will only be paying for the services that you require but will have access to the competencies of an experienced manager. Based on your business needs, the external HR manager can be hired for a month or a year, three to four months on average, which they will spend developing solutions and handling day-to-day tasks that a full-time employee could not handle over a year. The fee will depend both on the length of service and external manager’s competency.

People LAB external HR managers have gained their experience at leading commerce, services, manufacturing, IT, and technology companies, and they can offer you these services:

  • Structured, high quality, and simple people processes: headhunting, onboarding, training, performance analysis and management, compensation, dismissal;
  • Research: employee engagement, Pulse, new hire surveys, exit interviews;
  • Change management during rapid growth, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions;
  • People strategy management;
  • Leadership consulting;
  • Employer’s brand and reputation plan design;
  • Total reward strategy review and redesign, development of variable pay schemes, review of benefits and perks;
  • Employee performance management and analysis;
  • Competency models and development;
  • HR budget management;
  • Digitalization and standardization of administrative functions;
  • People analytics.

HR management outsourcing has become a popular service among businesses in Western Europe, Nordics, and the UK with 50 to 150 employees. Lithuanian businesses are now outsourcing their accounting, IT, and legal services, so why not make a reasonable investment into outsourced HR services?

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